-          Abbvie M14-115 / Serene (Hoge dosis adalimumab):

A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind Study to Evaluate Higher Versus Standard Adalimumab Dosing Regimens for Induction and Maintenance Therapy in Subjects with Moderately to Severely Active Crohn's Disease and Evidence of Mucosal Ulceration


-          Pacific (PK infliximab):

Study of the inter-individual variation of PhArmaCo-kinetics of Infliximab during treatment Induction in patients with crohn’s disease and ulcerative Colitis (PACIFIC)


-          GA29144 / Bergamot (Anti-adhesie etrolizumab):

This is a multicenter, Phase III, double-blind, placebo-controlled study evaluating the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of etrolizumab compared with placebo during induction and maintenance treatment of moderate to severely active CD.


GA29145 / Juniper:

An open-label extension and safety monitoring study of patients with moderately to severely active Crohn’s disease previously enrolled in the etrolizumab phase III protocol GA29144.


-          Gilead/Galapagos GS-US-419-3895 (JAK1 inhibitor filgotinib):

CombinedPhase 3, Double-blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Studies Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Filgotinib in the Induction and Maintenance of Remission inSubjects with Moderately to Severely Active Crohn’s Disease


Gilead/Galapagos GS-US-419-3896:

A Long-TermExtension Study to Evaluate the Safety of Filgotinib in Subjects with Crohn’s Disease


-          HELP-AID (Calpro thuismetingen voor outcome adalimumab te voorspellen):

Home basEd faecaL calProtectin measurements predicting Adalimumab Induction Destin


-          Janssen CNTO 01275 CRD 3005 / Stardust (Ustekinumab Q4W):

Study of Treat to Target Versus Routine Care Maintenance Strategies in Crohn’s Disease Patients Treated with Ustekinumab


-          Love CD (Vedolizumab early vs late CD):

An open label interventional  phase 4 study to Evaluate Efficacy, Safety and Mucosal Healing of early versus late use of vedolizumab in Crohn's disease: the LOVE-CD study (LOw countries VEdolizumab in CD study)


-          Spare (Combinatietherapie verder vs infliximab stop vs IMM stop):

A proSpective randomized controlled trial comParing infliximAb-antimetabolites combination therapy to anti-metabolites monotheRapy and infliximab monothErapy in Crohn’s disease patients in sustained steroid-free remission on combination therapy


-          Takeda/UZ Leuven trough levels vedolizumab (Dosisverhoging):

Effect of dose intensification on serum drug concentrations of Entyvio® (vedolizumab) in patients with CD or UC and secondary loss of response


-          Takeda Pass (Long term safety vedolizumab. Elke patiënt die op een nieuw biological start. Mag al een biological buiten vedolizumab gehad hebben.):

An international, observational, prospective cohort study comparing vedolizumab to other biologic agents in patients with ulcerative colitis or crohn’s disease: Entyvio long-term safety study.


-          Tigenix Admire CD II (Lokale stamcel behandeling voor complexe fistels):

A phase III, randomized, double blind, parallel group, placebo controlled, international, multicentre study to assess efficacy and safety of Cx601, adult allogeneic expanded adipose-derived stem cells (eASC), for the treatment of complex perianal fistula(s) in patients with Crohn’s disease over a period of 24 weeks and a follow-up period up to 52 weeks.


-          Alfasigma / Rifaximine (postop antibiotica)

A Phase II, multicentre, double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled study  of Rifaximin delayed release 400 mg tablet: clinical efficacy and safety in the prevention of post-operative endoscopic Crohn’s disease recurrence  (STOP-Postoperative Endoscopic Recurrence Study)



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